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Manual Updating

Performing a manual update for the Web and MySQL portion of Neutron is not hard:

  • Download the latest distribution from our Scriptfodder page.
  • Under 'Web Files' IN THE ZIP FILE YOU JUST DOWNLOADED delete the config.php, img folder and install.php.
  • If using a customised theme port any changes in your Cascading Style Sheet over.
  • Upload the files to your web server.
  • Now visit your Neutron website and you're done

Congratulations you have successfully updated the website portion of Neutron! If a lua update is necessary continue on below.


Manual Update

Lua can currently only be updated manually however it is a simple process!

  • Download the Latest lua distribution from Scriptfodder.
  • Check to see if there is any changes between your current lua config file and the one included in the latest distribution.
  • If there are changes fill out the details require referring back to your old lua config file.
  • If there are no changes simply delete the config file included in the latest distribution.
  • Upload the latest distribution to your addons folder replacing any existing files.
  • Restart your server.

Congratulations you just finished the final step in updating your NeutronAdmin!