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quick actions

Quick actions are commands you can quickly run on your players. They are FULLY configurable and highly extensible.

By default they're all a set of ULX commands. If you're not using ULX you need to modify this.

Allowed arguments in quick actions




These will fill out with the real values of the selected user

If you want admins to input certain command arguments themself add this:

{Extra1|Placeholder text}

{Extra2|Placeholder text}

The fields above would force a popup modal on the user executing the command asking them to fill those fields out.

You can also set a max time value for each permission group like so:


0 is infinite. A number is in minutes. Or you could do like in ulx: 1h, 1d, 1w, 1m, 1y etc.


ulx banid {SteamID} {Time|superadmin:0,moderator:3d,tempmod:1d} {Extra1|Reason}

This will force a modal on the admin where they have to fill in a field with the placeholder "Reason". And the time to ban for. If the user executing the command is a superadmin they would be able to ban for any time. If the user is a moderator they'd be able to ban anywhere from 1 minute to 3 full days. If they're a tempmod they'd be able to ban for up to 1 day. Etc, etc. In the popup modal values like 1d, 3d, 2m, 3w, etc are all allowed. So are actual numbers.